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I just found something interesting.  I brought up my XP guest, and it had no
trouble at all connecting to the shares, but it couldn't open the workgroup
at all and the printer had become disconnected.  I could not reconnect
through the workgroup (duh), but if I just input the network name, the
printer came up just fine.
"""If you logged on from the Windows Guest Account then you know it is
authenticating by the guest or nobody account that's on the Samba Server.
The previous config file I that I stuck in the mail for you will work on a
Windows Client machine providing there is sufficient name and ip address
translation. It will authenticate against the samba server "nobody" account.
IE, as in provide anonymous user name and password authentication so the
user will not have to enter a password. That is to get you going on the
right path. From there you will need to incorporate some type of user mode
authentication. You don't want the whole world to access it."""

I can connect to my shares from the XP guest, and I can connect to my
printer from the XP guest, I just can't open the workgroup (this is
relatively new, like, since I began messing with the smb.conf file in the
last two weeks).

Don't know exactly what that means, but I haven't given up yet.
Tomorrow I'll dig in more on the remote machine and see where that all takes

Any helpful suggestions still welcome....  :-)

OK, you don't need to just open the Workgroup. All you really need to do is
just add the share on the Samba server. Here we go like this; Tools | Map
Network Drive "or" Right Click My Computer and Select Map Network Drive.
What I believe you concern is about "Browsing the Network"? You don't need
to Browse the network in order to connect to the shares. But you will have
to add each share you have on the samba server to the windows clients.

Now if your really concerned about eyeball browsing the network (I am not
making fun of you either) Go To Start | Run |, and in the run command box
type "net use \\samba_server_name_here\". Then they should, I say should
again be in Network Neighborhood.

Also the your Win98 client may need to set up with an LMHOSTS file and using
NetBios/tcpip. They can be configured to use the Samba servers "WIN Server"
to provide hostname to ip address translation. It would really be
justafiable to have a DNS Server on the network to do the translation.

Another thing that comes to mind is that the Win98 clients are not
authenticating against the given user account. Now why is that? If I recall
right there is an issue with password encryption. I believe it's mentioned
in the earlier stated links I gave you and that would be in one of the
downloadable PDF Files.

Wish you Luck,
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