[CentOS] Booting Diskless Workstations

Joseph L. Casale JCasale at activenetwerx.com
Mon Jun 2 19:22:28 UTC 2008

I made a post in the Fedora list that didn't yield much help regarding this.
I need to use a CentOS5.1 server to remotely boot a few Fedora 9
workstations. I have the option of using straight PXE, or even reflashing
gPXE to the LOM for the clients. What I am interested in knowing is the
best approach to this.

1. Should I just do iSCSI backed diskless setups? Probably doesn't scale well.
2. I looked at ltsp, but I can't present a fc9 environment with a RH5.1 server?

The workstations would be fairly stateless, I intended on redirecting home dirs
to a persistent share that gets backed up.

Any ideas I can look into would be greatly appreciated!


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