[CentOS] RE: Largish filesystems [was Re: XFS install issue]

Bowie Bailey Bowie_Bailey at BUC.com
Mon Jun 2 20:12:36 UTC 2008

Alain Terriault wrote:
> Just wondering if any one ever consider/use Coraid for massive storage
> under CentOS?
> http://www.coraid.com
> It seems like a very reasonable option.. comments ?

I have one of those installed on CentOS 4.6 with 1TB of storage.  I'm
sharing it between three servers.  I can't say how well it works for
multi-TB storage, but it works well enough for me at 1TB.

Our testing showed reasonable performance.  You can get faster shared
storage, but you'll be hard pressed to find it cheaper.

The linux drivers are readily available from the Coraid website and they
compile very easily on CentOS.


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