[CentOS] several servers

roberto.barrientos at umag.cl roberto.barrientos at umag.cl
Mon Jun 2 22:24:21 UTC 2008

hi, i have @server1.domain.com, #server2.domain.com, @server3.domain.com
and @server4.domain.com and i distrib the e-mail users in that four
servers for equal. 2 servers have:
dovecot+sendmail+mailscanner+spamassassin+clamav+ssl/tls+squirrelmail and
other two have:
dovecot+postfix+amavisd+spamassassin+clamav+squirrelmail+ssl/tls, all this
machine over https and firewall with drop rule for defect. ok, there more,
i have one machine to receive e-mails and other machine to send e-mails.
this is que question: i want have only one machine with https and
squirrelmail (i have the machine) than the users can view the e-mails only
with transparent one domain, per example, @domain.com.
i do the method to send and receive e-mails by separate machine through
the squirrelmail config but i don't know how i can do the transparent
@domain.com ???
what is the name of this method or what is the idea than i can permit to
resolve this problem...
thank for all..ROberto.-

Roberto Barrientos Molina
Administración TIC

NOTA: Los acentos han sido omitidos intencionalmente.-

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