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Rajeev R. Veedu rajeev at cracknell.com
Tue Jun 3 09:18:45 UTC 2008




I have Centos server 4.5 with 3.3TB raid disk on a 3 ware controller. Now the problem is that I am not able to see the partition in full since it shows only 1.2TB.


I have created a partition with Parted and (GNU PARTED) and I have seen it is 3.3 T there. However I have to make this partition on ext3 with make2efs j  /dev/sda1 and after the formatting it went to 1.2T.


Could someone help me to address this issue by suggesting a proper partitioning utility which does this for me?. It is a production server on which 2 hdd had been failed and I need to make it up and running ASAP.


Any suggestion and help would be really appreciated.




Rajeev R. Veedu

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