[CentOS] Re: several servers

roberto.barrientos at umag.cl roberto.barrientos at umag.cl
Tue Jun 3 12:50:09 UTC 2008

ok..i can install dovecot+postfix+MYSQL..etc..and maybe the problem it's
i don't have problem with the machines, the machines are goods, my problem
is the tranparent receive e-mails to the users than are distributed in
four machines with the same number the users and different users in each.
as does google??. they have one entry to e-mail system (gmail.com) but
they have several machine (maybe thousands) in transparent mode.
i read something like LVS...some comment about this software..! is my
solution or I'm lost?

Roberto Barrientos Molina
Administración TIC

NOTA: Los acentos han sido omitidos intencionalmente.-

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