[CentOS] Live CD?

Johnny Hughes johnny at centos.org
Wed Jun 4 10:24:04 UTC 2008

MHR wrote:
> I just used a Live CD for the first time today, in part to show what
> CentOS can do for a co-worker who is looking at using it at work and
> home, but I got the strangest result.
> We booted the CD and let the centos user log in.  It took a really
> long time to load the desktop and there were no panels, so the only
> things we could do were browse the computer, CD, home, file system,
> keyboard (sort of) and pretty much nothing else.  <alt><f2> and
> <alt><f1> did nothing, either - no menu, no input windows - nada.
> Is that normal?  If not, what did I/we overlook?  I was expecting a
> lot more, and from looking around the wiki, there should have been,
> but I couldn't find a good reference for what the Live CD is supposed
> to be able to do or let a user do.

Both live CDs (CentOS-4 and CentOS-5) boot to fully usable desktops.

It sounds like there are hardware issues with the machine involved and 
the livecd booted.

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