[CentOS] Managing Eclipse Plugins

Clint Dilks clintd at scms.waikato.ac.nz
Thu Jun 5 02:01:39 UTC 2008

Hi People,

I just wondered  if anyone had an suggestions on how to manage Eclipse 
plugins where RPMS don't exist for the particular plugin.  In this case 
Aptana.  Using the instructions here 
I can install the plugin manually to /usr/share/eclipse so that its 
available to all users on the box.  But I need to install this plugin on 
a high number of machines.  I know I could install it on a single 
machine and then tar up /usr/share/eclipse and turn this into an rpm.  
But I think this will be asking for trouble in the long run.

So I then did some research and found that I should be able to use 
eclipse update manager from the command line see 
Thinking that perhaps I could use a script to do the install or use a 
script to create an RPM.  But so far I can't get any of the Eclipse 
Update Manager commands to work.  Asking on some eclipse Newsgroups has 
got a couple of cryptic responses.  So I thought I would ask if anyone 
had ideas about the best way to achieve what I am after.  Also if anyone 
uses the Eclipse Update Manager from the command line and can give me an 
example of a command line that works, it would be much appreciated.


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