[CentOS] Mounting cifs shares by non-root users on CentOS 4.6

Karanbir Singh mail-lists at karan.org
Thu Jun 5 14:15:13 UTC 2008

James Pearson wrote:
>>> % mount /mnt/win
>>> mount error: permission denied or not superuser and mount.cifs not
>>> installed SUID
>> I've not used smb in years now, but i recall needing to suid
>> /usr/bin/smbmount ( the actual code that does the work ) in CentOS-4
>> to make this work.
> cifs mounts don't use smbmount - they use mount.cifs ...
> I've tried various combinations of options etc, but cannot get the
> mounts to work for non-root users ... so I've given up and done what is
> needed via sudo ...

ok, my point was that something under the hood needed suid for this to 
work. Not sure why cifs should not work though. Might be worth 

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