[CentOS] kernels and irc

Johnny Hughes johnny at centos.org
Thu Jun 5 14:57:58 UTC 2008

James Bunnell wrote:
> I was in the #centos-social channel and simply stated that I noticed
> CentOS 3-4 were getting a lot of updates. I also stated that the CentOS
> 5 was one kernel behind, as in RHEL it is at -53, the gentlemen then
> told me that I was wrong and it was at -21. I then asked if there was a
> way to get a progress report somehow on 5.2, and that 5.2 has already
> upgraded that kernel. The result was that I was banned for being
> correct. I dont understand this kind of support.

You are NOT correct ...

The latest NON 5.2 kernel is:


The latest 5.2 kernel is:


As far as being banned on an IRC Channel ... I am sure you were warned 
first.  CentOS is manned by volunteers.  If you want to argue with the 
people who are on IRC after they tell you not to, then you will be banned.

The CentOS project trusts the judgment of our forum moderators and our 
IRC ops ... if they ban you then you are banned.  We are not a for 
profit company where you pay us for service and can be disrespectful to 
our employees.  You will instead have to be polite in your disagreements.

If this is a problem, I suggest that you find a paid for service 
contract where you can be rude to the people with whom you interact.

Johnny Hughes

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