[CentOS] kernels and irc

Johnny Hughes johnny at centos.org
Thu Jun 5 17:06:45 UTC 2008

James Bunnell wrote:
> On Thu, 2008-06-05 at 09:19 -0700, Ray Van Dolson wrote:


> i have a little familiarity with open source, perhaps more than noted,
> and i what i am seeing here is centos saying that since we're not paid,
> we dont care. i think there are many projects that would not want this
> image. sounds like failure to me. hence,  i am not so sure this is
> anything to be proud of. anyway, time to move on.

OK .. I am the one who said it, so I will make it clear

1. CentOS-5.2 will be ready when it is ready.

2. You can not be a ass on our IRC channels, or on our mailing lists.

3. If you (or anyone else for that matter) does not like this, then 
please do not use our products.

We produce a very professional product and we have professional area 
where we interact.  To maintain professionalism, we do not allow 
profanity on the channels.  We also require people to be somewhat polite.

Because we do this as volunteers, *I DEMAND* that our volunteers be 
treated respectfully ... this is not negotiable.  If you can not do so, 
then *I will personally* ban you from all mailing lists and irc channels 
that have anything to do with CentOS.

If you, or anyone else, doesn't like it ... and if that has an effect on 
CentOS, then so be it.  However, those actions will be taken if necessary.

>> This part is on you, and is the only part you can control directly.  I
>> know from experience that more often than not you'll get much more
>> helpful and open responses back if you use the above approach.

We do not have a release date yet ... we do have a goal, and that goal 
is to release about a month after the upstream release.

My whole point is, I am not beholding to provide any service to you or 
provide any updates to you on when CentOS-5.2 will be released or 
provide any services for you.

We have made a statement, and we will update it if it looks like it is 
not accurate.  We will release CentOS-5.2 RPMS to QA as soon as it is 
ready ...  and we will release it to the mirrors after QA is done.  We 
do not know when that will be yet, but it will be "When it is ready". 
It can not happen before that.

If "when it is ready" is going to be significantly different than what 
we put out on the list or on planet.centos.org, then we will also put 
that out.

If that is not good enough for you, then this project is not what you 
should be using.

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