[CentOS] Re: isolinux on a pendrive from disk 1

Kirk Bocek t004 at kbocek.com
Thu Jun 5 19:48:56 UTC 2008

Jerry Geis wrote:
> Jerry Geis wrote:
>>> Jerry Geis wrote:
>>> >/ Hi
>>> />/ 
>>> />/ I just grabbed an 8gig thumb drive, took disk 1 centos 4 i386,
>>> />/ copied the isolinux directory files to my thumbdrive, then ran syslinux 
>>> />/ -sf /dev/sdc1
>>> />/ on the device plugged it into my laptop  and it does not boot.
>>> />/ 
>>> />/ Is there a step(s) I am missing to get a bootable thumbdrive with centos?
>>> /
>>> I think you also need to add a boot sector to the drive. On my 64-bit system:
>>> 	#dd if=/usr/lib64/syslinux/mbr.bin of=/dev/sdc
>> After doing your suggestion I get
>> same thing it just sets there with a blinking cursor.
>> Jerry
> I took an older 512MEG usb instead of my 8 GIG one,
> did the exact same steps and I get
> Could not find boot image: linux
> I copied all files what is missing?

It was just a guess. There were several more steps I have needed to do in the 
past in order to get Fedora Live CDs to boot off of thumb drives. I wish I 
could find the link but all I find now are instructions to use a Fedora script 
to create the thumb drive -- a script that doesn't seem to be immediately 
available for CentOS or RHEL.

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