[CentOS] Re: 3Ware 9690SA

Scott Silva ssilva at sgvwater.com
Fri Jun 6 23:27:25 UTC 2008

on 6-6-2008 3:32 PM Vidar Normann spake the following:
> On Sat, Jun 7, 2008 at 12:16 AM, Ruslan Sivak 
> <russ at vshift.com 
> <mailto:russ at vshift.com>> wrote:
>     Scott Silva wrote:
>                 ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>             The ones on their standard download page are not compatible
>             with Xen kernels according to the release notes.  The ones
>             to be used for Xen kernels on x64 is this one:
>             http://www.3ware.com/KB/article.aspx?id=15257
>             That only has a zip file, not an image file.
>             Russ
>         http://www.3ware.com/KB/article.aspx?id=15257 is the files that
>         go on a driver disk. I just dl'd it and opened it.
>         I know there is a way to use a driver disk from other media, but
>         I can't find it, and I'm sure someone on list will remember how.
>         ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>     Yes these are the files I was using.  It wouldn't let me install
>     with these files on a usb drive or a cdrom, but it worked fine when
>     I put them on a floppy.  I then did an upgrade install of CentOS,
>     and was able to boot into the system.
>     The only issue now seems to be that I still can't boot the xen
>     kernel with it.  I tried manually copying the 3w-9xxx.ko from
>     /lib/modules/2.6.18-53.el5/updates to
>     /lib/modules/2.6.18-53.1.21.el5xen/updates, but that didn't seem to
>     help.
>     Do I need to mkinitrd or something?
> Maybe not 100% useful, but I had trouble installing CentOS on a machine 
> with a 9690SA as recently as tonight - who has floppy
> drives anymore? (Well, I did, but all my floppies were unusable, big 
> shock..)
> The trick was to use the method explained on this site to turn the files 
> in the driver download from 3ware into an image:
> http://www.openfusion.net/linux/network-driver-images
> Upload it to somewhere accessible via the Internet or your local 
> network. Then all I had to do was boot with the parameter:
> linux dd=http://somewhere.com/filename
> Good to know that dd supports http and ftp out of the box and not just 
> local media.
I knew someone would remember how to use a driverdisk image over a network!

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