[CentOS] Re: Hardening CentOS by removing "hacker" tools

Scott Silva ssilva at sgvwater.com
Fri Jun 6 23:44:13 UTC 2008

on 6-6-2008 4:28 PM Ruslan Sivak spake the following:
> Dennis McLeod wrote:
>> They basically detect port  
>>> scans and add a firewall rule to temporarily block that ip.  Does 
>>> anyone know what tool that is?
>>> Also disabling remote login as root should help.
>>> Russ
>> Fail2ban, is what you are looking for, I think....
>> http://www.fail2ban.org/wiki/index.php/Main_Page
>> Dennis
>> ____________________________________________
> Sweet, actually this looks more like what I wanted, but rackspace said 
> wasn't available.  This bans the ips if there are a lot of password 
> failures.
> There is also another tool which bans ips for port scans.  I think it's 
> been discontinued, but perhaps there is another one out there?
> Russ
I think that was portsentry.

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