[CentOS] new install of 5.1 with KVM-over-IP - can't install with GUI - need assistance

Alon js at wsco.com
Sat Jun 7 15:06:12 UTC 2008

Hi All,

I have several dozens of CentOS and WhiteBox servers.
Most of them are CentOS 4.6.
Our installation service is done in the datacenter where the servers are located.

When we install a fresh clean install, we use the GUI menus, while using the KVMoverIP.

That was working great with CentOS 4.x

In CentOS 5.x, the installation process 'annonces" that "Hey,. I know you are using a KVM and don't have a monitor attached"   (who cares??).
But, "since  you are using a KVM and no monitor is attached,. you CANNOT use the GUI installation".


4.x didn't care for this.

Why make my life difficult?

I have to 'cheat' by calling the datacenter to plug a monitor for the first minute of the install and then plug back the KVM cable.
Isn't this stupid? of course it is!

I am looking for a solution such as a parameter that I can pass to the boot sequence (vga=nommconf or something like that) so that it won't do the probing for the VGA and just let me go about my business.

Mind you that this is a problem both with DELL PowerEdge 1950iii with DRAC5 remote consule as well as with just plain PCs that use ATEN KVM 9116.
Once the probe understand that we don't use a monitor it prompts the 'can't use the GUI'.

Any pointers about this?


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