[CentOS] Software raid tutorial and hardware raid questions.

drew einhorn drew.einhorn at gmail.com
Sat Jun 7 16:35:04 UTC 2008

I remember seeing one with an example migrating
from an old fashioned filesystem on a partition
to a new filesystem on a mirrored lvm logical volume
but one only one side of the mirror is set up at this

First I need to copy stuff from what will become
the second side of the mirror
to filesystem on the first side or the mirror

Then I will be ready to follow the rest of the tutorial
and build and attach the second side of the mirror.

Wish I could remember where I saw that tutorial.

Want to embellish the example and stripe each side
of the mirror.

Understanding  a mirrored pair of stripes,
seems easier than
understanding a striped pair of mirrors.

But this seems like a place where
counterintuitive results are not a big surprise.

I can do mirroring and striping in lvm, mdadm,
or a hardware raid controller.  There are lots of
configurations to ponder.

What about recovery after a hardware raid controller?

What are the chances of being able to replace the controller
and start up successfully from drives?  I know that assuming
the failed controller did write bad stuff to the drives while
it was crashing and burning.

I would not be surprised if the controller firmware revisions
had to match.  I would be surprised but not astonished if
the board hardware revision level had to match, too.
I hope we are past those days.

Anybody know about the
LSI Logic MegaRAID 8480 Storage controller
in particular.

Drew Einhorn

Drew Einhorn
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