[CentOS] EVMS?

Morten Nilsen morten at runsafe.no
Sat Jun 7 20:21:21 UTC 2008

drew einhorn wrote:
> EVMS Enterprise Volume Management System sounds interesting,
> looks like it supported CentOS4, but not CentOS5.

EVMS was introduced in the 3.0 release of TSL, but was jerked out of 
3.0.5, the test-version of 3.1, which was never released..

Back then, EVMS was slapped on without any kind of explanation or well 
sorted plan.. It merely created problems for users or wasn't noticed at 

It was one of many things that drove most of the user base away, long 
before the distro was scrapped by Comodo.

I have yet to see what EVMS is supposed to do, other than muck up the 
booting process with additional indirection..

I still have TSL on servers both at home and work, as I have not yet had 
the time needed to rework them.

Cheers, Morten Nilsen
Former TSL contributor

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