[CentOS] Slow gfs performance

lingu hicheerup at gmail.com
Mon Jun 9 08:54:44 UTC 2008


 Sorry for repeating same mail ,while composing that mail i mistakenly typed
the send button.I am facing problem with my gfs and below is the  running

My setup

Two node Cluster[only to create shared gfs file system] with manual fencing
running on centos 4 update 5 for oracle apps.

 Shared gfs partition are mounted on both the node[active-active]

 Whenever i type df -h command it will take some delay to print my shared
gfs partition,it is happening even if i continuously typing df -h command .
Shared GFS file system storage is from IBM STORAGE.I don't know what
parameter to be fine tuned,bcoz  of that may be i feel my  oracle apps is
also very slow.

In syslog i am getting following error continuously in one of the node

less /var/log/messages

test2 kernel: 493 [RAIDarray.mpp]AHA-SN01:1:0:10 Cmnd failed-retry the same
path. vcmnd SN 7147770 pdev H2:C0:
T0:L10 0x00/0x00/0x00 0x00020000 mpp_status:2

 Any one help me to get rid of this slow gfs performance.

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