[CentOS] School Server Setup

Harry Sukumar hsukumar at bond.edu.au
Tue Jun 10 05:03:50 UTC 2008

Hello All!!!


I was wondering if you can help me little bit.... 


I am trying to help (voluntary service) a country side school
(Aboriginal community) in Northern Queensland Australia setup lab
infrastructure, it's a very remote school and they don't have enough
funds to go commercial


The school has only till grade 6 


They have 25 machines that was bought out of the government grant but
none of the machines come with windows 


I was asked by the school president to setup lab infrastructure
currently they have Internet (Dynamic) with only two machines connected 


I have asked them to change the plan to Static IP address which I
presume will be done some time this week 


I have decided to go Linux on all the machines including the server


Could some one please cast some light on how I can carry on with this
project, I am not sure where to start and I am fairly new to Linux and
system administration world


Currently what's in my mind is to setup fedora on all desktop and
CentOS5 as my server with following services configured 


Proxy-squid (all the traffic to pass through)






Squirrel mail 






I am not sure where to start with this project


Your help will be highly appreciated by the little kids who have never
even touched a computer before in there life!!!




Many Thanks 






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