[CentOS] Hardware Specs

nate centos at linuxpowered.net
Tue Jun 10 06:49:45 UTC 2008

Victor Padro wrote:
> Hello all!
> I was wondering if you can help me a little bit...
> My boss wants me to do some research in finding which hardware is most used
> under Linux(ex. Dell servers, Barebones Kits, HP & Compaq servers, etc.)
> This is just for budgeting issues...he wants to get rid of some old and
> obsolete hardware we run and wants to know which hardware could be easy to
> deploy on the server side and workstations side(common user boxes will be
> decided for HP or Dell leasing quotes - Obviously M$ Windows Vista).
> So if you could just state your hardware I'll be very greatful.
> We run several servers based on RHEL, Debian(Couple Ubuntus), CentOS,
> running services such as Sendmail, Apache, JBoss, Postgres, Oracle, Samba
> and DNS.
> We have around 5000 users logging on these servers.
> Workstations are basically used for CAD, monitoring, developing in Java,
> PHP, Oracle, etc.

I suppose the easiest route if your into Dell/HP is just go to them and
ask for Linux solutions. Dell I think claims to be the #1 hardware
vendor for linux. They offer servers with either no OS or linux pre
installed. HP offers both servers and workstations with no OS or
linux pre installed. (not sure about desktops/laptops/etc).

I've used linux on a wide variety of HP systems ranging from DL360
G1 up to G5 and 380s and 580s of various generations. My current
company is mostly Dells and we have several different models
running linux no problem. Also tons of systems based on supermicro

Pretty much every server platform runs linux, I can't really think
of any that don't(that are at least x86,x86-64 or Itanium).

10 years ago this was more of an issue, today it's not.


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