[CentOS] netboot, vnc and no keyboard/mouse/monitor

Fabian Arrotin fabian.arrotin at arrfab.net
Tue Jun 10 07:31:52 UTC 2008

dnk wrote:
> hey guys,
> I just created a custom netboot cd, that launches and loads from a 
> http source, but connects to a vnc listening viewer. All in all, not 
> hard to do, but what is different with this one is that it skips the 
> media check, has no prompts and allows you to start the install on a 
> machine that has no keyboard/mouse/monitor. Was handy for me as when i 
> have some boxes to load, I just plug in power and ethernet in the 
> corner (or where ever I have room) and go through the install.
> I know it also works with a cd as a source (if you use it from cd 1), 
> and assume it would also work with a DVD (have not tested yet).
> If you would like it, I can add to the wiki if anyone would like it.
You can do the same from a usb key/stick ... I even prefer that method 
so that i don't have to run mkisofs to recreate the netboot.iso image 
and burn it ...
I've also created a menu (thanks to syslinux.cfg) on the usb key to boot 
different install (centos 4 and 5 in i386 and x86_64 flavors) with 
several parameters included ... easier and faster to maintain than a 
netboot.iso file (my opinion) ...
But the best is always PXE booting anyway ... :D
There is already a pxe menu howto on the wiki, but i don't mind seeing a 
3 lines explanation about modifying the netboot.iso image ... that's 
just the isolinux.cfg to modify , mkisofs to create the iso and burn .. ;-)

Fabian Arrotin <fabian.arrotin at arrfab.net>
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