[CentOS] School Server Setup

Sergey Podushkin posev at sibmail.com
Tue Jun 10 08:22:27 UTC 2008

lingu wrote:
> Desktop: Fedora is a good move but check out the stable version and 
> install.I recommend u either fedora6 or fedora 8.Keep in mind if you 

I think it worth to use CentOS on desktops too or, may be it would be 
even better, Scientific Linux - it's like CentOS is a rebuild of RHEL.
You got binary compatible packages for all purposes.

I make school-alike server with many features you are requested, but now 
it lacks of internationalization, all interface on russian.
It now has DHCP+DNS with dynamic updates, central LDAP authentication 
for Samba, Apache, Squid, Sendmail and Dovecot, virus filtering with 
ClamAV on Squid and Sendmail (through c-icap and milter), spam 
protection with black and greylisting, internet usage accounting and 
managing and more.

You can see source on our site:

May be it's not so pretty code yet, but it written by administrator for 
  non-it-aware people and those who use it like it.

You can see some screenshots on our site (http://www.abbris.ru), but, 
sorry all in russian.

You can help us to make it better and localize it to other languages if 
you want.

All code is GPL licensed and will be available on sf.net soon.

With best regards, Sergey.

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