[CentOS] Newer GNOME than base release

nate centos at linuxpowered.net
Tue Jun 10 19:12:31 UTC 2008

MHR wrote:

> I have trouble believing that the ONLY ways to get a newer GNOME are
> to wait for CentOS 6, run a different distro (not likely) or build it
> myself.  This is Linux, after all, isn't it?  (That's a rhetorical
> question - no answer required, unless those /really are/ the only
> options....)

What would you expect? CentOS is based off of RHEL, which tries to
stick to older more stable/tested software. Your using the wrong
distribution if you want the latest and greatest.

Use Ubuntu, Fedora, or something else.

As a casual user I'm happy with the gnome that comes with my Debian
Etch install which seems to be somewhere around 2.14-2.16, and whatever
version comes with Ubuntu 7.10(haven't turned that laptop on in a couple
of months).

Really, what did you expect? Do you expect folks out there to constantly
build the latest & greatest for a "stable" distribution that consists
primarily of users that don't want the latest & greatest (which is why
they use that distribution in the first place).


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