[CentOS] Apache jserv monitoring?

Vincent Knecht vknecht at club-internet.fr
Tue Jun 10 22:23:33 UTC 2008

> In our environment we have many legacy application servers running
apache/jserv.  There is a web server front end, then a couple of
load-balanced java servers on the backside.  One of the problems we are
faced with is hung or stuck jvms.  I have looked at the java process with
the ps command, and there are many times when URL(s) do not respond, yet the
java looks healthy, at least from the OS point of view.  The usual cure for
this situation is to restart the JVM, then the URLs come right back up.
> Are any of you aware of tools for monitoring apache jserv, either from
localhost or by connecting to port 8008 over the network?  I really want to
find out if there is a way to detect a "sick" JVM other than getting a bunch
of down URL alerts on my phone.


  I don't know jserv or about eventual specific jserv support, but Hyperic
be part of the answer. I know it can provide metrics about Tomcat and JVMs,
and application/server specific plugins can be written without too much
It's by far the most powerful/complete monitoring solution I've seen,
providing support out of the box or with plugins for a bunch of services and
for existing plugins.
Perhaps what you want can be done with a JMX plugin ?

Really worth a try anyway...

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