[CentOS] Apache jserv monitoring?

nate centos at linuxpowered.net
Wed Jun 11 03:14:28 UTC 2008

Sean Carolan wrote:
>> How about setting up a cron to monitor it and auto restart if it's not
>> responding?
>> wget -q --timeout=30 http://localhost:8008/ -O /dev/null || (command to
>> restart jserv)
> I tried pulling up port 8008 in a web browser, but it doesn't work
> quite like that.  Apache is configured with mod_jserv like this:
>     <IfModule mod_jserv.c>
>         ApJServMount /servlets ajpv12://hostname.web.domain.com:8008/root
>         ApjServAction .html /servlets/gnujsp
>     </IfModule>
> Simply pulling up the URL in a web browser always returns an error:
> Status: 400 Bad Request
> Servlet-Error: Malformed data sent to JServ

Sounds similar to the mod_jk connector in apache to connect to
tomcat. When I had to deal with this I setup a dedicated apache
instance on each system running tomcat whose sole purpose for
existence was for testing that connector.

So say setup an apache instance on another port, and have it
direct all traffic back to mod_jserv, then hit the apache
instance with http. It's not perfect but at least for me apache
was a lot more stable than tomcat especially in such a basic
configuration, so it worked well as a way to test the health
of the mod_jk connector.


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