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Alain Terriault, Mr. alain.terriault at mcgill.ca
Wed Jun 11 17:12:22 UTC 2008

Little substance .. I have live and still working system with .. 

- Centos with +100 users, ldap (LAM), sendmail (or postfix), web, samba,
netatalk, dhcp .. all with certificates on a bunch of dell 1950 and
MD1000. Because it is scalable, stable 24/7 and for 100 users+ worth all
the time spending configuring it. The only problem with this setup are
kernel updates.. the only time I bring down the servers ;-)

- Clarkconnect (or SME) for small lab, because it is all done in 30
minutes and then you can easily give a "miniadmin" access to the lab
manager. They make nice, small, safe effective Gateway or server. 
They are not a sysadmin (shell) playing ground, 95% of the work is done
from the web interface, a little bit like webmin. Clark is commercial
but inexpensive and well supported. SME is free, but the config system
looks to much like the old Netinfo system from NextStep .. bring back
bad memory.

Try Clark, if it not what you are looking for, go with CentOS or RH they
are very stable and effective OS for server. It will require you more
time to get it all working properly. 
Sure you can install and create accounts in /etc/passwd in minutes ..
but if you want all the goodies and security (SSL, email, sasl, LDAP,
backup, raid ..) you are in for lots of fun (work).

- Workstations, Fedora or Ubuntu .. because I like having the most
up2date versions and goodies on my desktop for free. 

RedHat has nice educational discount, if I remember $50/workstation and

Bonne chance,

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> Your case up there looks a bit different: It is easy to say that those
> are your favourite flavors - but can you substantiate that somehow?
> Especially as ClarkConnect and SME are based (or at least were based)
> on CentOS but mostly lack a large community behind them -> Vendor
> In.
> Ralph
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