[CentOS] Re: Re: Not seeing all memory in CentOS 5.1 x86_64

MHR mhullrich at gmail.com
Wed Jun 11 18:24:37 UTC 2008

On Wed, Jun 11, 2008 at 11:20 AM, nate <centos at linuxpowered.net> wrote:
> I came across this a couple days ago
> http://blogs.vmware.com/performance/
> May 22, 2008
> 100,000 I/O Operations Per Second, One ESX Host
> Maxing out 500 15k RPM spindles with a single host. I didn't think
> that was even possible. Granted this is ESX and not VMware server
> (previously known as GSX), but ESX is pretty cheap these days,
> the foundation version gets you a ton of stuff minus hot migrations
> for $999(per 2 proc) (used to be about $3750). I think the
> enterprise edition (~$5k per 2 proc) is overkill for most uses.

On the day that I can look at a $1000 piece of software and think of
it as pretty cheap, I will give that $1000 (or more) instead to the
CentOS project.


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