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Geez, what did I start with my comment... ;-) FWIW (and if the moderator doesn't 
mind) I'd like to add I'm from Sweden. I think the 70s were little different 
here than in the US of A, mostly in the sense that everything was supposed to be 
mellow and brownish, when it wasn't orange or green and all was about not 
offending anybody else or something. Personally I wanted to play war with my 
friends but the teachers objected and started haranguing(?) about Vietnam, 
solidarity and what not. Like we cared...

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Sorin Srbu wrote:
> Everything was orangy, yellow or weird green in the 70s... ;-)

Throw in a little brown and you've described a tie-dyed shirt I wore in
high school.

Just the other day my wife and I were looking at our old neighborhood
with google street view. Unfortunately, some places have really gone
downhill since then.

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