[CentOS] Urgent Help Required!!!!!!!!!!!

rajeev sharma rajeev2311985 at yahoo.co.in
Thu Jun 12 06:14:20 UTC 2008

Hi All,
I am Rajeev. I have download centOS 5.1 i386 files for installing Linux. I tried my ways but my DVD is not getting recognised while booting. I have windows XP SP2 32-bit. Let me know the files that need to be burned for installing centOS 5.1 i386. 
Queries :
1. Whether I need to burn the files in CD or DVD?
2. I have download 9 iso files, 3 torrent files and 4 txt files from http://mirror.averse.net/centos/5.1/isos/i386/ Please tell me which files I need to burn?
3. If I need to burn more than 1 iso file, how do I do that?
4. How do I install the centOS 5.1 i386 when the system starts reading the CD or DVD? (The commands please)
I am going to work in Linux from now on. This is very urgent. Please help me to learn Linux and discover new stuffs. Help is required urgently. Please help me. 
Thanks & Regards,

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