[CentOS] Centos 5.2 and Xen

Ruslan Sivak russ at vshift.com
Fri Jun 13 02:16:26 UTC 2008

Victor Padro wrote:
> *Perhaps you could be interested in this project:
> *
> I discovered three major issues in the usage scenarios of OpenVZ in 
> the enterprise market:
>    1. Installation takes time and needs Linux knowledge
>    2. The missing GUI management
>    3. And the inability to run unmodified guests like Windows on an
>       OpenVZ host
> I also had other wishes like integrated backup and restore, 
> live-migration, central configuration management and integrated 
> virtual appliances download. So I presented this last year to our 
> development team – a few months later, we proudly presents the first 
> release of our *Proxmox Virtual Environment <http://pve.proxmox.com/>.*
> Now we have the virtualization platform for the enterprise, licensed 
> under GNU GPLv2.
> Proxmox VE is the *only *virtualization platform which can do all of 
> the following on one physical host:
>     * Container Virtualization (OpenVZ)
>     * Full virtualization (KVM)
>     * Para-virtualization (KVM)
> We encourage everybody to test Proxmox VE and give feedback, for 
> download and documentation please visit the *Proxmox VE Wiki </>.*
> Feel free to get in contact with me directly - martin at proxmox.com 
> <mailto:martin at proxmox.com>.
I tried installing this today, but it just goes to a blank screen after 
loading the installer. 

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