[CentOS] Desktop Effects -- questions/issues

fred smith fredex at fcshome.stoneham.ma.us
Sun Jun 15 16:39:35 UTC 2008


I finally tried enabling the desktop effects yesterday. I'm using an old
Nvidia card (GeForce 4 MX440) with, of course, Nvidia's drivers. this is
on a fully updated Centos 5 system.

Enabling from the gnome menu doesn't exactly work compltely, one needs to
google around a bit to find out the remaining magic incantations to make 
it fully work. So, I've done that and it's working.

1. I notice that the text in the bar at the top of each window appears to be 
a different font, and it is outlined in black. Is there any way to tweak
that setting? 
2. If I have a window that is slid partially off the edge of an individual
desktop it now oveerlaps the edge of the one "next" to it, when it never
did before. Not sure if I like that or not, is there any way to change
that behavior should I decide I don't like it?
3. I have (and always have had) the panel settings set to "autohide". I
now notice that it sometimes does not hide itself until I explicitly
click in an empty part of the panel, then somewhere else on the desktop.
Anyone know if there's a way to resovle this?

Should I decide I want to revert to the way it was before I enabled these
effects, how would I go about that? there is no "disable" button on the
gnome menu, only the "enable" button. I know how to un-do the changes I
made manually in the xorg.conf file, but no idea how to undo whatever it
is that the "enable desktop effects" button does. Clues would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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