[CentOS] how to remove some packages with yum from a repo X????

Peter Kjellstrom cap at nsc.liu.se
Mon Jun 16 15:59:38 UTC 2008

On Monday 16 June 2008, Manuel Enrique Chavez Manzano wrote:
> I have installed some packages from a Repo X, lets call it like that, so
> now I need to unistall all those packages with yum
> is there a way to do that????
> how?

First, don't reply to old messages if you intend a new post. Your MUA tried to 
be smart and included this in the header:
 In-Reply-To: <4856440E.6090006 at midascomm.com>
 References: <4856440E.6090006 at midascomm.com>

...so other intelligent threaded MUAs will list your post as a reply to that 
old post (and thereby possibly hiding or deleting your post).

Now, an earlier poster already told you how to remove a certain package so 
I'll contribute how to find which packages belong to a certain repo. This is 
not (AFAIK) trivially done. What you can do is to run "yum list extras" which 
will list all packages installed that belongs to _no_ (enabled) repo. Then 
run that again with "--disablerepo=NAME" and the difference from those two is 
what you want.

That is, something like this works on my machine for listing stuff installed 
from rpmforge(all one line of course):

 export T=$(mktemp) yum list extras > $T ; yum --disablerepo=rpmforge list 
extras | grep -v -f $T ; rm -f $T

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