[CentOS] extremely slow network connection

Tony Wicks tonyw at tonywicks.com
Mon Jun 16 19:56:39 UTC 2008

The computer is on a local switch together with an older computer, which 
in turn communicates well at 25 MB/s with all the rest of the world.
At Dell's they propose a hardware support, however not for that model.
Nevertheless they support officially CentOS.
That's why I asked whether anyone had encoutered the same problem 
already, and could perhaps provide a solution.


I would recommend looking at your network speed/duplex negotiation with 
your switch. I suspect your switch may be full duplex and your network 
card half or vice versa. Try forcing your network card to various 
speed/duplex settings (and your switch if it is a decent managed unit) 
and re-try your testing. This is the most common cause of network 
performance issues.


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