[CentOS] rpmfusion status?

Ross S. W. Walker RWalker at medallion.com
Wed Jun 18 16:27:14 UTC 2008

Karanbir Singh wrote:

> Ross S. W. Walker wrote:
> > Not to start a repo flame war, but for CentOS/RHEL, the repo that aims to
> > be a one-stop rpm shop is EPEL. Of course it needs more contributors, but
> > it has already ported a significant amount of FC6's old 'extras' repo
> > over (FC6 <-> EL5).
> Ross, you are wrong on that front - EPEL cant by definition be the one 
> stop shop as a repo. Thats the sort of thing that some of us are trying 
> to address with rpmforge, atrpms along with CentOS and SciLinux 
> developers contributing into the rpmrepo.org project. Once its off the 
> ground and functioning perhaps EPEL will like to join in, but thats 
> their decision.

If they manage to port all the Fedora extras over for EL then I
would say that is pretty darn close to one-stop shop for RPMs. Of
course no repo can have it all. There are always the questionable
items like closed source drivers and codecs which should be isolated.

Now I am not even going to touch the political/moral issue of whether
they SHOULD be a one-stop shop, I merely stated what they aim to be.

CentOS could develop it's own EPEL-like repo for it's 'extras' if
enough developers are willing to put in the time to develop and
maintain such a beast. There could be one for each release and
use the corresponding Fedora 'extras' repo as the base to build
off of.

Personally if my opinion matters for anything, which it most
probably doesn't, I have always felt that enterprise Linux repos
would be best served if they were maintained expressly for the
enterprise Linux they serve. That way compatibility and quality
assurance would be at the same level as the Linux they run on
and they can react faster to changes within the enterprise
Linux environment.

The bottom line in this whole discussion though is we all hate
repo overlap and I think if given the chance to pick one repo
that had almost all we were looking for we would pick that
one. I believe it is in that regard that Debian has it's


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