[CentOS] Re: custom kernel cant find label /

Jerry Geis geisj at pagestation.com
Wed Jun 18 17:32:32 UTC 2008

> Jerry Geis wrote:
> >/ I installed centos 4.6 on a USB thumbdrive.
> />/ It installed and booted after install.
> />/ 
> />/ I then put a custom kernel on, build it as I should,
> />/ on rebooting and selecting my kernel to load from grub I it starts up 
> />/ and all
> />/ and the last error I get is:
> />/ 
> />/ label / not found.
> />/ 
> />/ What went wrong?
> /
> I'd guess your boot line has something like "root=LABEL=/"
> and you dont have a filesystem which is marked as label = /
> To start, you could either label a filesystem as '/' or, you can just 
> change that root= line to point at a real filesystem.
> Also, I can see you are still doing your old "ask on the list rather 
> than actually work out what the problem is" trick :/

Running e2label /dev/sda1 reports that in fact the partition is "/"

My kernel boot line is infact "root=LABEL=/"

My issue here is that I did the initial install. This install boots with 
the LABEL=/ just fine.
After the custom kernel build it does not boot. I'm trying to find out 
if there is an option in the config
that is needed for these label boots. Perhaps one of these: (I dont know 
if I am fishing here and/or which one would do it)


I did search and wasn't finding what I was looking for, then I posted.

I have not changed the line to try root=/dev/sda1 as I was trying to 
make it work the same way.

Thanks for helping.


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