[CentOS] custom kernel cant find label /

Karanbir Singh mail-lists at karan.org
Wed Jun 18 17:39:49 UTC 2008

John R Pierce wrote:
>> To start, you could either label a filesystem as '/' or, you can just 
>> change that root= line to point at a real filesystem.
> what WOULD be the 'real device' in the case of a USB thumbdrive?     
> since its the boot device, would it necessarily be enumerated first, 
> hence always /dev/sda ?  or would it be after any other /dev/sd? that 
> happen to be present on the system, which would mean that its device 
> name is quite unpredictable?
> OTOH, using LABEL=/  could be very problematic if there are any OTHER 
> devices present with a filesystem that has LABEL=/  ... I'd wonder if 
> you wouldn't want to use LABEL=USBROOT or some such (and label the USB 
> stick accordingly).

based on the other emails from Jerry recently, I'd assume that the usb 
drive is the only mass storage device he has in the machine, so /dev/sda 
should be predictable. But then, isnt this the exact issue that Labels' 
are supposed to resolve ?

Your recommendations of labeling the partition with something that is 
specific to the device ( label=USBROOT or label=USBKEYOSROOT ) might be 
a good 'middle path' here. Might need to do something similar for the 
swap and then sanity check /etc/fstab

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