[CentOS] Trouble brewing in dmesg... any ideas?

Tim Nelson tnelson at rockbochs.com
Wed Jun 18 21:55:50 UTC 2008

Hello fellow listers! I've got some errors starting to crop up on one of my CentOS5 boxes. Below is a transcript:

vi            S 048C664F  2600  4176   2837                     (NOTLB)
       f1c87b68 00000082 c30229e0 048c664f 00000e65 f1c87b18 00000007 f7bacaa0
       f7d97aa0 048c72fc 00000e65 00000cad 00000003 f7bacbac c302a9e0 c042daae
       f7d20000 f1c87b70 00000286 ffffffff 00000000 00000000 00ed957a 00ed957a
Call Trace:
 [<c042daae>] lock_timer_base+0x15/0x2f
 [<c0604dfc>] schedule_timeout+0x71/0x8c
 [<c042d1d3>] process_timeout+0x0/0x5
 [<c04803a8>] do_select+0x371/0x3cb
 [<c048092b>] __pollwait+0x0/0xb2
 [<c04202b1>] default_wake_function+0x0/0xc
 [<c04202b1>] default_wake_function+0x0/0xc
 [<c06046b9>] schedule+0x90d/0x9ba
 [<c0436066>] autoremove_wake_function+0xd/0x2d
 [<c042daae>] lock_timer_base+0x15/0x2f
 [<c042dbbf>] __mod_timer+0x99/0xa3
 [<c04d7a49>] blk_plug_device+0x5e/0x85
 [<f884e2e2>] make_request+0x520/0x52a [raid1]
 [<f8860679>] journal_stop+0x1b0/0x1ba [jbd]
 [<c041fa31>] enqueue_task+0x29/0x39
 [<c041f8de>] task_rq_lock+0x31/0x58
 [<c04202a7>] try_to_wake_up+0x371/0x37b
 [<c041ea84>] __wake_up_common+0x2f/0x53
 [<c041f871>] __wake_up+0x2a/0x3d
 [<c04806ab>] core_sys_select+0x2a9/0x2ca
 [<c052e771>] n_tty_receive_buf+0xc5e/0xcab
 [<c041ea84>] __wake_up_common+0x2f/0x53
 [<c041f871>] __wake_up+0x2a/0x3d
 [<c0529c5e>] tty_wakeup+0x44/0x48
 [<c04361fd>] remove_wait_queue+0x16/0x25
 [<c041f871>] __wake_up+0x2a/0x3d
 [<c0529b9d>] tty_ldisc_deref+0x50/0x5f
 [<c0480c72>] sys_select+0x9a/0x180
 [<c0404eff>] syscall_call+0x7/0xb

There are others with various app names besides vi including httpd, named, sftp-server, etc..  Is this an imminent hardware failure? Do I have kernel issues? I've checked the system with lm_sensors and temps are perfectly normal. Also, performance and operation seems to be fine. Even with these errors, my services are running without any hiccups. HELP! :-)

Tim Nelson
Systems/Network Support
Rockbochs Inc.
(218)727-4332 x105

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