[CentOS] centos 5.1 install failure

Monty Shinn montys at videopost.com
Thu Jun 19 13:55:06 UTC 2008


I am attempting to install 5.1 x86_64, but it is dumping out during the 
post-install section.

I was able to send a debug to a remote system.  I've never looked 
through an install debug log before, but everything seems to be in order 
until after the "tar" install, at which point I get the following error:

error: db4 error(-30977) from dbcursor->c_put: DB_RUNRECOVERY: Fatal 
error, run database recovery

This db4 error runs until the system finally notices a crash.

This box ran centos 4.x for over a year without a problem.

Supermicro motherboard
Intel 3.2 gig Xeon procs, x2
8 gigs memory
3ware 9550 12port SATA
3ware 8006 2 port SATA

No other pci cards.

I also ran memtest with no errors.  It ran for approx. 15 hours.

I tried to install with the 5.0 discs as well, but that install failed 
as well.

I turned of ACPI in the bios after the second failure.  This didn't help.

I have been using the graphical install.  I am about to try the 
text-based install.

Any thoughts?



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