[CentOS] New to Centos, and linux in general

Michael michael at j3ksolutions.com
Thu Jun 19 15:01:50 UTC 2008

I've installed DSL linux -- no problem
My expertise is in the HP3000 (non windows, non unix) environment.

When I boot from Centos CD#1 I get a Panic error..... I'm thinking 
hardware is the issue so I try a different machine, same thing.
I've tried 'linux rescue', 'linux mem=256' still the same error, which 
is mostly unreadable to me because most all the messages roll off the 
top of the screen.

I am willing to buy new hardware, what hardware will just work right out 
of the box?

Or are there other boot options?

Michael Anderson,
J3k Solutions
Sr.Systems Programmer/Analyst

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