[CentOS] Kernel panic - not syncing: CPU context corrupt

Alwin Roosen alwin.roosen at webline.be
Fri Jun 20 12:40:15 UTC 2008


Is there someone on this mailing list who could/want help me figure out
this issue? We do not know where to look to solve this.

--- Description ---

This is a brand new server, which has been tested for days with FreeBSD
in our office, and a few days with Windows on the site of our hardware
distributor. Now customer wants CentOS, which we installed, but after
few days we get a kernel panic. Last night at 2:08 it gave the same
kernel panic.

Please tell me what information I should give you and most important how
to get it from the system, because we do not have experience with CentOS
(only FreeBSD).

I would be very surprised if this is hardware related. We use the same
hardware for several years, and run FreeBSD on it very successfully. It
is a SuperMicro PDSMI+ motherboard with 3ware raid controller
(8006-2LP). CPU is Xeon 3040 1.8 Ghz EM64 2MB 1066FSB (65W). Memory is
DDR 2 Trancend 2048MB ECC Unbuffered 800.

Error message on console is in "Additional Information".

I am hoping that I should switch off some setting in CentOS to fix this,
but I cannot find much useful information about this issue on Google.

--- Additional Information ---

CentOS release 5 (Final)
Kernel 2.6.18-53.1.21.el5 on an i686

ws174 login: CPU 1: Machine Check Exception: 0000000000000005
CPU 0: Machine Check Exception: 0000000000000004
Bank 3: f62000020002010a at 0000000032c93500
Bank 5: f20000300c000e0f
Kernel panic - not syncing: CPU context corrupt
Bank 3: f62000020002010a

--- Attachments ---

19-06-2008 16-03-31.png (Screenshot of console)

With kind regards,

Alwin Roosen

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