[CentOS] Autofs and mount/umount entries in the nfs server logs

Rob Lines rlinesseagate at gmail.com
Fri Jun 20 13:54:35 UTC 2008

I am using autofs for a number of machines connecting nfs shares.  All the
mount and unmount log entries on the server are being saved to
/var/log/messages currently.  This is becoming a bit of a pain because as
the number of hosts increase and various monitoring scripts check to be sure
that they have access to the nfs shares it is filling up messages on the nfs
server.  I would like to continue to see these messages but I would like to
see them put else where but looking through the documentation for syslog I
couldn't find any way to separate just those messages out.  I assume(hope)
that someone else has run into this problem and found a way around it.  My
googlefoo has failed me on this one though I might just not be looking for
the right thing.

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