[CentOS] mdbtools on CentOS: FIXED

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Fri Jun 20 13:59:35 UTC 2008

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 > Morning everyone,
> I was hoping to use mdbtools to extract data from some Access databases
overnight. I have yum installed the tools from Dag and also downloaded and
(eventually!) compiled the latest 
> release from the mdbtools web site, but I either get 'buffer overflow'
errors or no output from most of the tools. I have been trying to cvs
checkout the latest development version but  
> sourceforge's cvs login keeps timing out.
OK - managed to login to CVS at last and download the latest development
A straight configure/make created tools that ran, but generated no output. I
re-did the configure with some suggested options (below) and it works!!! 
./configure --enable-sql --with-unixodbc=/usr/local
It seems these options are needed even though I am accessing the mdb file
directly off disk and not via odbc or SQL
Thanks to all who were just about to chip in with suggestions ;-)
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