[CentOS] recommendations for copying large filesystems

Rainer Duffner rainer at ultra-secure.de
Sat Jun 21 17:19:05 UTC 2008

Am 21.06.2008 um 15:33 schrieb Mag Gam:

> I need to copy over 100TB of data from one server to another via  
> network. What is the best option to do this? I am planning to use  
> rsync but is there a better tool or better way of doing this?
> For example, I plan on doing
> rsync -azv /largefs /targetfs
> /targetfs is a NFS mounted filesystem.

What network link is there between these hosts?

Are these 1 or 2 million small files or bigger ones?

Does the data change a lot?

Is it a SAN or JBOD?

Rainer Duffner
rainer at ultra-secure.de

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