[CentOS] backup question

admin mick at mjhall.org
Sun Jun 22 08:37:38 UTC 2008

I've had good results using Clonezilla for complete backup of OS+data. 
It backs up entire disks/partitions, so includes everything including 
configuration files, tweaks etc. It is fast compared to something like 
Ghost, and can backup to devices (USB stick or external HDD) or a 
network location. Restores are also fast and have been flawless to date 
(restoring to identical hardware).

If you want to restore an entire system in all its detail in one quick 
operation, something like Clonezilla is worth investigating.


or Google "Gparted-clonezilla" as many versions of Clonezilla are 
packaged on a Live CD with Gparted.

Gergely Buday wrote:
> Dear CentOs users,
> I have a centos server with nothing important at the moment, but I
> would like to install some web-based project management tool (trac for
> the curious) that would contain important data. And, as my network is
> growing the configuration of the server is becoming complex. I would
> like to have a proper backup so that I can restore the whole system
> easily, should any problem occur. What do you recommend?
> I'm not an expert on this, so my first idea is that I could do a per
> application backup and create a tar file of the /etc. The latter
> especially could be too naive. And, a push-the-button method that
> handles all in once, not depending on the app number would be much
> better.
> Another thing: how I could do this to be safe across a centos upgrade?
> - Gergely
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