[CentOS] Directory compare

Walid walid.shaari at gmail.com
Mon Jun 23 04:00:30 UTC 2008

2008/6/23 Spiro Harvey, Knossos Networks Ltd <spiro at knossos.net.nz>:

>  I have 2 drive sets that are supposed to be identical [I use CentOS 5]:
>> A: 1.6Tb
>> B: 1.49Tb
>> I need to find the differences, any suggestion?
> diff will do it.
> diff -q /dir-a/ /dir-b/
> the -q will just tell you what files are different, not what's different
> inside the files.
I would like to do the same among two, several boxes, that is take thier dir
listing to a certain depth, and compare it for differences as an integrity
check that they have the same installation files?

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