[CentOS] Migrating from RHEL to Centos

Johnny Hughes johnny at centos.org
Mon Jun 23 12:28:48 UTC 2008

John R Pierce wrote:
> Hemraj S wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I m currently running my production servers on RHEL 4.6 & would like 
>> to migrate to Centos4.6 as it has more benefits & advantages. I looked 
>> at the Centos release notes available at 
>> http://mirror.centos.org/centos/4.6/os/i386/RELEASE-NOTES-en.html and 
>> understood that the basic difference between RHEL & Centos
>> are look/feel related & binaries,functionalities are almost same. But 
>> when i compared the sysctl values of RHEL4.6 with Centos4.6, i found 
>> that there are lot of differences in the parameter values. Now my 
>> question is:
>> 1) Just like sysctl difference, is there any other difference between 
>> RHEL & Centos which could vary the performance & needs to be taken 
>> care during migration.
>> 2) When the Centos packages are built, are they built with the same 
>> configuration as in RHEL or is there any difference.
> the defaults for sysctl should be identical if both systems are running 
> the same kernel revision on similar hardware.   do a `uname -a` on 
> both.     did your rhel4.6 system have anything in /etc/sysctl.conf ?    
> CentOS is built directly from the SRPM's for the AS configuration of 
> RHEL, using the exact same options.    the precise versions of the 
> compilers and tools used may vary in some cases as upstream doesn't 
> fully document their build process (RHEL version X is apparently not 
> built on a stock RHEL version X development platform, using the supplied 
> tools).

As posted above, the default values should be the same IF the same 
package sets are installed.

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