[CentOS] Re: Re: Re: Re: CentOS 5.2 is here!

Timothy Murphy gayleard at eircom.net
Tue Jun 24 13:16:46 UTC 2008

Rudi Ahlers wrote:

>> Are you saying that simply running "yum update" on a Centos-5.1 system
>> will convert it to Centos-5.2, as and when that is released?

> All upgrades / updates in the major versions (5.0 -> 5.1 -> 5.1) will
> happen automatically when you run yum upgrade, and when it's officially
> released for updates. And I'm almost certain most, if not every, other
> Linux distro also works like this

Well, I never heard of a Fedora 9.1 distribution
that could be "yum upgrade"d to Fedora 9.2 .
IIRC, when RedHat (occasionally) had versions 8.1 and 8.2
they were completely different.

Sorry to be dumb, but what is the point of calling it Centos-5.2?
Is it just that if installing Centos from scratch,
one could download a more up-to-date version?

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