[CentOS] CentOS 5 based distribution

A.B. aerobars+centoslist at gmail.com
Tue Jun 24 16:24:23 UTC 2008

I've been trying to create a Linux distribution based on CentOS 5, similar
to (actually, exactly like) how CentOS is based on RHEL. I have been unable
to find any information about this. Most of what I find are tutorials and
instructions on using Kickstart. Sometimes I've found allusions to doing
this, but nothing that gives all the instructions necessary to modify
Anaconda (or other files) sufficiently.

I have found an excellent walkthrough (
http://wings.buffalo.edu/computing/ublinux/) on creating a distribution
based on RHEL 4. While following the instructions I have found that not
everything is in exactly the same place when using CentOS 5, but the
descriptions are close enough that I have been able to figure it out and
create a mostly "rebranded" install DVD.

One thing that the above walkthrough does not explain is how to change all
the text and images (it points to most of the images) and the default
"packages". By that I mean the screen where the installer asks what
additional tasks I would like the system to include support for: i.e.
Desktop - Gnome, Server, Server - GUI, etc...

I have been unable to find where this information, and some of the other
text the installer uses (for example, "Searching for CentOS installations"),
is stored. I've greped the entire DVD (including the expanded stage2.img
file), but cannot find this text anywhere. Is the information stored in a
compiled executable? If so, which executable will I need to recompile?

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