[CentOS] bittorrent

John R Pierce pierce at hogranch.com
Tue Jun 24 17:11:55 UTC 2008

Jerry Geis wrote:
> Looks the only way now to grab a DVD is by torrent.
> What is the yum install XXXX name to get it on the machine?
> I have downloaded the torrent file, but what do I execute to grab the 
> DVD?

you need a torrent application, such as ctorrent or rtorrent for linux, 
or utorrent for windows, and you need an open port from outside, almost 
any high port will do (if you are behind a NAT firewall, 'forward' this 
port to the torrent machine, and configure the torrent program to use 
that same port).    then; feed the torrent program the .torrent file, 
and kick back and let it work.

its good manners to let the torrent 'seed' at least twice the size of 
the torrent before shutting it down.     if your bandwidth is highly 
asymmetric (like ADSL or Cable), configure the torrent program to limit 
its outbound to about 80% of your connections total outbound capacity, 
and this will hugely smooth things (torrent has a habit of jamming pipes 
so hard you can't get anything else done).

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