[CentOS] AM/FM tuner for centos 4 or 5?

Ken Key key-centos at ksquared.net
Tue Jun 24 18:07:05 UTC 2008

Jason Pyeron wrote:
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>> Jason Pyeron wrote:
>>> Looking for a radio tuner for my audio server.
>>> Needs to do AM.
>>> Any hardware reccomendations?

> In summary, should I risk the cost of a radio shark2 or ebay a radio shark?

Personally, I'd go the eBay route.  Seem to be a bunch available
for $10 versus $50 for the new RS2 from Griffin. The hardware is
probably close to a single-chip design so what you're paying
Griffin for are device drivers and application software that
you're not even going to use.  Additionally, as a niche hack
without public documentation (at least I haven't found any),
I find it's better to be on the trailing edge of hardware.

Beyond that, it's whether you want Commode White (RS) or
Glossy Black (RS2) :-)


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